Monday, August 27, 2012

Musicians Doing Other Stuff- Pt. I: Moby's Los Angeles Architecture Blog

A couple of the things musicians do is travel -a LOT, and deal with people who want much of them -a LOT.
One of the things people who travel a lot do is take pictures, and musicians sometimes  like to avoid people when it isn't necessary.
What you see below is an example of a musician taking pictures and avoiding people simultaneously.

When I first heard about Moby's architecture blog a couple of months ago one of the things I heard him mention was that he felt that LA had a wider variety of interesting architecture than his home-base of NYC does. I found this a very interesting comment for two reasons: First, because even though I have only passed through NYC a few times, I have always thought the architecture there was fascinating and second, because I thought  was the only person who saw some of the same type of stuff here in LA that he likes as interesting and beautiful.
The thing that strikes me most about his blog is that I expected it to be this fancy, super-art-ily designed page and what I see is someone's personal blog.
You always figure such a well-traveled rock star used to performing and making a splash will be always be trying to do that. Not that Moby's stage shows are grandiose productions or anything, but what I really like about this blog is it's humbleness. He's a fan fan of cool buildings, so he started a blog about them.
I dig that.

Moby's Los Angeles Architecture Blog:

ok, this is a tricky one.
i was walking down a random twisty winding side street in hollywood and i found this fantastic little moorish castle.
unfortunately it was very difficult to take pictures of this fantastic little moorish castle, primarily because it’s completely covered in trees and plants on the sides and back (as a creepy voyeuristic building photographer i of course looked all around for more ways in which to photograph the fantastic little moorish castle).
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