Friday, August 3, 2012

New Dum Dum Girls, a Killer Festival in LA this Weekend, and a Great Live Performance.....

New Dum Dum Girls first experience with them was when they attempted-and absolutely killed a Smiths cover in 2011. Any band that can do that is off to a good start.....

... I admit I am a sucker for Little Dragon so the LA Hard Summer  is pretty much a no-brainer-I am just hoping I make it there. The festival is being held in LA's Sate Historic Park. Click the "LA Hard Summer" link and there is a link to a free mixtape download on the bottom right of the page.

...Also today on KCRW I got to listen to a really cool band by the name of Alt J in a live studio performance. They definitely fall in the ranks of Indie if you want to classify them in a genre, but there is a lot more to them than just that.
Classmates at University of Leeds in West Yorkshire, UK you can not only hear the heritage of College Rock in their music, but the musical heritage of their homeland. In addition to the obvious, you can also hear guys with exposure to classical education and culture as indicated by the origin of their name (listen to the interview).
Their music is very accessible but will also open up an adventurous listener to some new sounds.
You can see and hear a really good sample below, or click the link above and check out the whole performance via KCRW's website.

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