Friday, September 14, 2012

And, Oh, Yeah, Aliens...Disclosure Will Be Incremental Wide Range of Alien Planets May Support Life

From via a link below that is Spock-like in it's 'fascinating'-ness.
But before you read it, here are my thoughts:
Scientists are scientists by profession-meaning that they can, as professional scientists-only deal in things proven or that they reasonably may feel given existing evidence is provable. Engaging in speculation without probable cause can be career suicide.
When I read things like this I can only assume that their level of confidence in the ubiquity of life (intelligent or not) is getting pretty fucking high.
This begs a series of questions that are well beyond the original purview of this site. However, reaction to recent, seemingly off-topic posts here and the high level of readership of the 'Aliens' posts leads me to believe I should go ahead and delve. Please post comments or emails if a thought pops into your head.
Seriously, please!  We have readers and listeners from all over the planet and I want to know what you think.
The biggest questions I have are:
1.) If they are starting to openly speculate about life elsewhere, are there things that we are not being told? There are several, well-documented instances where reputable people have stated their belief that they encountered extraterrestrial life (Google: RAF Bentwaters, Teheran UFO encounter).
2.) If those claims are false, and scientists are starting to believe there is a lot of life out there-perhaps intelligent, why have we not heard anything?
3.) What if the Universe's cruelest joke is that we will never be able to travel anywhere near the speed that allows us to visit alien planets in a reasonable amount of time and any conversations with alien civilizations must take place over the course of generations?
4.) What if WE are the first advanced species?
What if we are the ones who, either by chance, or Divine Whim have been chosen to see if this massive primordial soup can, over eons, develop into something worthy and deserving of tripping on a star and spreading the glory of sentient existence throughout the universe?
What if it is up to us? Are we worthy? Are we up to the task? Will we get to where we need to be and have it be a glorious thing-or will it be the Weyland Industries model.....
5.)...and I shudder to think: What if we are it? What if the giant, cosmic lottery is just jacked and there is no place else in the entire 'Verse that life can live long enough to evolve on? What if all we can do it just mine space-rocks to feed our growing population and we are forever stuck here...wishing for more?
... that last one begs the question of infinity and creating 'virtual' universes that we can 'exist in' the Internets, and evolve there......I hope there is more.I hope we aren't the first....
Read the story, let me know what you think.
Cheers! C.

Wide Range of Alien Planets May Support Life: "Life may be able to survive on a broader set of alien worlds than astronomers had thought, a new study suggests.

Researchers have created a new online tool called the “Habitable Zone Gallery,” which looks at every known exoplanetary system and determines that just-right range of distances from the host star where liquid water could exist. The upshot is that scientists might not need to pin their hopes for alien life on a planet like Earth, whose circular orbit keeps it in the middle of the habitable zone all the time.

Large numbers of alien planets on eccentric, highly elliptical orbits likely dip into"

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