Thursday, September 27, 2012

Zombie Plague Updates!:Genetic sleuthing uncovers deadly new virus in Africa and Zombie Bee Spread to California.

After months with little news, new developments from both Africa and the US.....

Genetic sleuthing uncovers deadly new virus in Africa: "Genetic Sleuthing Uncovers Deadly New Virus in Africa
ScienceDaily (Sep. 27, 2012) — An isolated outbreak of a deadly disease known as acute hemorrhagic fever, which killed two people and left one gravely ill in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the summer of 2009, was probably caused by a novel virus scientists have never seen before."

Zombie bees spread to California
"Zombie bees are spreading out throughout the west coast, spreading the parasite that causes them to fly at night and dart aimlessly until they die.
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