Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Ads and a Quick Update: Dwight Yoakam-"Three Pears"

Dwight Yoakam? Yep. A contemporary of bands like X and The Dils, Yoakam is intimate with the Honky Tonk sound that birthed Cow Punk.
I have always liked Yoakam even if I wasn't a serious fan, but after hearing this live session on KCRW last week I'm in.
Watch the video below and tell me this song doesn't kick ass.
If you need more bona fides-the album version of this song was produced by Beck.
The entirety of  "Three Pears" is currently in rotation on the station....

....and a quick update-Some shake-ups and technical issues in the last two months: First our original stream-host for the station has closed (more on that at a later date) and we have moved to a new hosting service and a new licensing service.
Providing the cloud storage and DJ Bot is Crossfire Hosting and providing the legal reporting and royalties is Stream Licensing. Both companies have provided excellent support and customer service at a really reasonable price, so thanks to them for taking the edge off of things during a very stressful time.
The transition took place pretty seamlessly at the end, but in addition to learning two new Internets software systems I had to replace the primary computer I use to run the station. That flaming hunk of joy involved learning a new OS, and new software on top of the new legal details with the new licensing agreement AND transferring the music library to the new computer AND the new cloud storage. Seems simple 'til a few technical glitches come into play and crunch-time comes up real quick.
I had a month to make the transition-which involved finding and researching new service providers on top of everything else. The whole process took about 7 weeks-just in time for Loudcaster to finally go dark for good.
I had to take a break. For the second time since June the stress negatively impacted my health  and I am still cleaning up the loose ends of the transitions.
Thanks to all of you for sticking with and sorry for the lapse in communication, I have back-ups now in case this happens again-more details on that later as well.
I think you will find the ongoing playlist has grown significantly (almost doubled)  in size over the last 3 months-please enjoy to excess!
You can still find us here or on 24/7 playing the best music in the Universe!
Thanks again, Cheers!C.

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