Thursday, November 29, 2012

Year-End Favorites Pt.1- Norah Jones - "After the Fall"

So, I have five posts coming up that will showcase my favorites for the year.
 Last year I did artists as a theme, highlighting bands and records that I felt would stand up to the passage of time and be influences. This year I am going to highlight one specific song and then 4 (very) young artists on the edge of being huge.

First-off, my favorite individual song I have come across this year:

Norah Jones - "After the Fall"

The very first time I heard this song I was driving down Howard Hughes Pkwy. on my way to LAX  it was just before 3pm on a Saturday.
Yes, that is how much of an impression this song made on me. It was like someone poured a sad love story out of a bottle of Blue Label into a glass with two very clear ice cubes in it.
I don't care if that is a bad metaphor-it's honest.
I like the song even more now.
Like being hit by a velvet truck.
Danger Mouse's production of this song as well as the writing, arranging and performing are all about as good as it gets. I am increasingly of the opinion that this may very well be one of the most perfect things ever put down on tape.
Enjoy, Cheers! C.

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