Sunday, December 23, 2012

Year-End Favorites Pt III: Michael Kiwanuka

Continuing with the theme of ridiculously mature talents who are have barely reached adulthood is Michael Kiwanuka......
The first time I heard Michael Kiwanuka I assumed I was hearing some obscure African Soul/R&B cat from the 70s who had found second-life on a compilation recording.
I about fucking died when I found out he is just 22 years old.
Another talent invading us from England.
You can read more about Kiwanuka  here and you can find him on the station, just go to any page on our site and click the "listen here" button on the left near the post title. You can also search "The Drunken Scoundrel" on (or download the Tunein app) or at (we will be listed in their app shortly).
Enjoy, Cheers!

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