Thursday, January 17, 2013

We're Here for You.....

Obviously I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't love radio. Radio is magic. Radio is one if the great socio-political equalizers of the modern age.... or at least it was.
Now, with a few notable exceptions, it is just garbage and getting worse by the minute.
So if you would like a rest from the same old crappy 8 songs on an endless loop or a non-stop cognitive dissonance-inducing avalanche of uninformed, head in the sand, hypocritical punditry, check us out.
At times your brain might get stretched a bit with the diversity, but maybe you'll find something new or remember something you forgot.
You can listen in several ways: from your desktop to can simply click the player link on the left of this page or you can go to either or and search for The Drunken Scoundrel.
And always, remember that we don't just love radio, we love you too.
Cheers! C.

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