Wednesday, February 6, 2013

And OhYeah, Aliens..."Do advanced races of intelligent beings live in ultra-massive black holes? | MyScienceAcademy"

Below is an interesting take as to why we may not have found evidence of intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe. Given the fact we have been looking so hard for so long, it may be an indication that in order to achieve advanced civilization we (and others) would have to turn to power-sources that would make detection nearly impossible given our current technology.
I'll admit this article does test the boundaries of my knowledge of science, but it seems to make a certain sort of sense.
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Do advanced races of intelligent beings live in ultra-massive black holes? | MyScienceAcademy: "
As a collective species, we all contemplate the existence of extra-terrestrial civilizations living in the far reaches of the universe, and we imagine that they have mind-bogging technology that we can’t even being to drum up using our imagination. So far though, there have been no clear indicators (well, depending on who you ask) that there is anything beyond homo sapiens, which is equal parts depressing and terrifying. After all, if aliens were real, surely there would be some signs, right? Well, there are all sorts of theories put forth in the Fermi paradox that postulate why there may be no signs…everything ranging from our technology being so basic compared to theirs that we are unable to pick up whatever radio signals they have sent out into the abyss, to ET’s knowing we are here, but choosing not to reach out to us to not hinder our progress. However, a new theory has been put forth that, frankly, makes all of the alternatives seem kind of lame."

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