Friday, April 12, 2013

First Featured Artist: Thee Oh Sees - "Putrifyers II - Demos"

....I came very late to the party on Thee Oh Sees-not out of design, but out of sheer ignorance.
I had never heard of them before and the first time I heard "Stinking Cloud" my brain exploded.
Or more exactly, my heart leapt into my brain and exploded. That hadn't happened since my first dose of Soul Coughing way back when. I have yet to update my collection with all of their releases, but when I do I can assure you it will be a vat of whiskey that I will sink to the bottom of and drink my way to the top of.
These guys aren't for the faint of heart-they are for adventurers.
And these are demos, bear that in mind and remember, we are about music and bringing you shit you won't be hearing from your radio in most places.
Adventure time!
Starting around midnight tonight, you'll be hearing about one track from the "Putrifyers II-Demos" in advance of Tuesday's all-new release "Floating Coffin".
This is going to be a regular thing from here on out. From time to time we will pick an artist, album, or song(s) and put them in a special spot.
Thanks for the support,Cheers! C.

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