Thursday, May 16, 2013

Crescent Ballroom's Los Dias de la Crescent - YouTube

   The Valley of the Spun is returning to it's cultural roots as one of the premier live music hot-spots in the U.S. Any evidence you need of this is this weekend's installment of Los Dias de la Crescent at Crescent Ballroom an annual event featuring local bands, local food, and local beers.
Crescent Ballroom's Los Dias de la Crescent - YouTube: ""
One of the things that often gets lost these days when people talk about AZ is it's culture. In addition to it's rich Spanish and Native American cultural history, Arizona also played a part in influencing 20th century American culture being a home for Architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Paolo Soleri and home to not only  Metal's Godfather, Alice Cooper, but progenitor of Surf Guitar, Duane Eddy.
   The compilation "The Soul Side of the Street" ( which is on rotation on our station) is an excellent collection of R&B and Soul from Phoenix from the 60s to early 70s and contains some tracks which are as good as anything that came out of Motown during that period. In addition there fantastic bands both defunct and still gigging who anyone with  good taste in music would appreciate. Tuscon alone has birthed amazing, unique artists like Giant Sand and Greyhound Soul (to name but a few). If one were to search through bins at Zia, Eastside, Revolver, or Stinkweeds just looking for local music you could come up with a large stack of very kick-ass music in as many styles and genres as you could think of. A couple of things Arizona is even less well-known for is food and beer-a serious oversight, but a secret that is still enjoyed by many locals and visitors alike.
Anybody who ever dined at Sens, sampled wings from Long Wongs, eaten at Pizzeria Bianco, or had a pint (or so...) of Thunder Canyon Sandstone Cream Ale can tell you Arizona knows how to eat and drink.
And have a good time....this video should be evidence of that.
I'm going to post a few more videos from some other notables who have made music in AZ over the years as well.
Enjoy! Cheers, C

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