Monday, May 20, 2013

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on KCRW and an Update....

  Woke up this morning with a hangover just in time to catch a special performance from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on KCRW.
Even if you aren't a fan, click the link and listen anyway. It just fucking kills.
With a band like this, no matter how good the record is, live is only going to be more amazing. Only a station like KCRW (and Apogee Studios) can or will do artists like this justice.
You can hear the tension and the quiet in the studio between notes-it is almost like you can hear the audience holding its collective breath waiting for the chance to applaud.

Click here to join and support KCRW-you really should, it's worth it and they deserve it. Even if you don't live in SoCal you can grab the app and listen anywhere at any time. You can listen to their terrestrial broadcast via live stream, their all-music channel, "Eclectic24", and they even have tons of shows archived for on-demand listening (especially the Henry Rollins shows which are always amazing.)
I am admittedly a late-bloomer when it comes to being a Nick Cave fan and I have missed every opportunity to see him live. My smarter friends are unanimous in their praise for the band as a live act. Do yourself a favor, check this out.

As with everything we do, if we can get you  to expand your musical taste and support artists and stations who are committed to greatness, we have succeeded.

Now, on to our business....
   I am a good month (or three) behind on updates and uploads of new stuff. I have a stack of CDs, a ton of downloads, and a LOOOOOONG list of great picks from Kat, (aka: The Ditty Kitten).
Yet again, I find myself in this unenviable position:  I have apologize to readers and listeners but there was just so much involved over the preceding 9 months to keep up. With the demise of Loudcaster, the process of finding new vendors, learning new software, and running all of my other projects I was not only having health problems-I was starting to not enjoy music. I was advised (wisely) by Matt from Michael Mercury to step back. The result has been a drop-off in listeners (especially Beynes, France- WE MISS YOU! PLEASE come back!!! ), but now I'm not eating a bottle of Tums every week and waking up in a sweat 3 or 4 times a night.
Yes. Literally. It got that bad....and I have 4 other websites and a full-time job with insane hours.

   My #1 goal when I started this (when it was just me and my idea) was that once it was up and going, it wouldn't stop being there. Not ever. That is what I have been concentrating on.
I had this idea originally in the late 90s when I first got on the Internets and found my first music site, Man's Ruin. I somehow managed to figure out that cell phones were the next transistor radio. As soon as I figured that out the Little Hamster on the Wheel in My Head that Makes Things Go started galloping-and hasn't stopped.

   There was a time when great, free radio abounded. Any listener within range could get and stay in-touch with a place, a sound, an ideal. This is mostly gone on our terrestrial airwaves. Replaced everywhere with sound-alike clones designed to just to make a profit with advertising and not introducing the citizens to their birthright of sound, music, and information programmed just for them.
As soon as I realized that Internets radio was a possibility I saw all of the possibilities-but being perpetually poor I couldn't make it happen. I then realized, that if I wanted to make a go of it that would honor the great radio I grew up with, that I was going to have to plan and be strategic.
   Having lived through the demise of a couple of truly amazing AM/FM stations in my youth, I waited for years until I knew that the infrastructure was there and I could afford to keep things going forever.
The short version of it all is this: This is my kid. My legacy. This is what I will leave behind when I die.
Whether it makes me rich or breaks me, it will be here for as long as I can make it happen-even long after I am dead. So, for all of the faithful readers and listeners, I once again apologize for recent shortcomings-and a few in the next few months, while I make sure this is here for you for as long as humanly possible.
Yes, as time goes by, you will hear ads. We have to generate income because we pay royalties and licensing fees. I am a musician also-piracy hurts the artists first. As corny as this may sound, we do this so you can hear the best, most unique programming we can provide and we do that in service to you and your soul and to your loved-ones and their souls.
 Music is one of the ties that binds humanity together, it is liquid art that flows through the air -it is also commerce, joy, sorrow, and everything else that makes us human. Good music (like all good art) makes you smarter and stronger.
That is why we are here.
Plus, good Rock and Roll is like a really, really good fuck you don't have to worry about later.
We LOVE you!
Enjoy, Cheers, C.

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