Friday, June 21, 2013

Via Vice on Tumblr:Hey Diddy, What's Your Music Channel Going to Be Like? | VICE United States

I have not always been a fan of Diddy or much of what popular Hip-Hop has shown me over the last few years. Not to say that there isn't a ton of great shit out there, but much of what we get to actually see is more the publicity-end....this seems to be what he is addressing here.
Diddy is very up-front about what it will and won't be. Obviously, he is selling the idea at this point, but the idea he is selling is something that music-lovers need. What I especially like is his reference to "Rock and Roll" in a manner that all the genres they will cover are not just lumped into, but born-of "Rock and Roll". I have always considered Hip-Hop, Electronic, and all the other forms of modern music part of Rock. Even if they don't sound like what would be considered "Rock and Roll", the ideology behind pop-culture that, at it's heart, is rebellious, innovative art is what Rock and Roll is about.
Change the world through expression and participation.
It's all Rock and Roll.

With the massive commercial, social, and political success of music that is driven by youth (not just chronological, but ideological), change, and innovation, the media, and consumers of media have lost a lot of the 'edge' that this music is supposed to promote. I like the idea. I hope it works and catches-on.
You can click the link and read the full article as well as watch a commercial for the network set to launch this fall.

"Hey Diddy, What's Your Music Channel Going to Be Like? | VICE United States: "Sean "Diddy" Combs, one of hip-hop's first multimedia moguls, and the man who taught me that Benjamin Franklin's face is on the $100 bill, announced today that his fledgling cable channel, Revolt TV, has signed a distribution deal with Time Warner Cable. The channel, which launches in the fall, aims to fill the void left when MTV got out of the music video game. "

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