Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Don't Often Get Waves of Nostalgia...

...But I remember when tunes like this actually got airplay....

Prepping for FYF next weekend while trying to do some software-upgrades and tearing my hair out in the process got me thinking that,yet again....?
...This is why we do this: Somewhere out there is a band this good who wouldn't get heard today if it wasn't for Internets broadcasters.
I was planning to bounce out of Pre-Beta this week for FYF and feature some really cool shit but with our small budget and all it requires there is still a mandate to keep us on the air.
I may have to sideline some upgrades to a later date....(Mostly) cuz I haven't been to a festival in....?

And Papa needs love too.

Why the fuck else would we make a radio station except for it to be a temple to live music and making you know where to go to see live-acts?
Time to recharge the batteries.

Peace and love to you all...while I write-off bar-tabs for a couple days!

If you aren't here? Get here if you can. IF you have a few spare bucks and know how to work the Expedias?
You might just have an amazing weekend.
A weekend you wouldn't have had sitting at home bored, or just going to your local watering-hole...again.
(not that another weekend at your local watering-hole is a bad thing)

Seriously, all partying-fun aside, this is a crushingly-great tune. Hard, Fast, Loud and Catchy.... Are you getting anything this awesome on your local station that isn't 20 years-old.....?
I think not.
Go fetch and then go home and tell your local station to sit and play!

Cheers! C.
P.S. FYF still has tickets available! It is just north of DTLA in one of the most amazing, vibrant, diverse, and affordable major cities ever to be on this planet! There is easy public transit from many areas and still hotels available nearby! CALL IN SICK! SLEEP IN YOUR CAR AND TELL THE COPS YOU JUST WANT TO BE AN ACTOR!
The high temp. on both days is only supposed to be about 80 (That is 26.666 degrees Celsius)!
SET TIMES HERE! They even have an APP! -now you have no excuse.

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