Friday, October 18, 2013

Andrew Duncan Brown, Nowhere Man, and Whiskey Girl: "Life's Like Sanskrit Read to a Pony......"

.....Go the lyrics from Lou Reed's 1992 song "What's Good?".  Part of the album "Magic and Loss" about the illnesses and deaths of two close friends.
Every time I hear of a tragedy this song springs to mind. In the space of a little over 3 minutes in encapsulates what I always feel when I hear about someone dying before their time. It becomes especially poignant under the circumstances of this past week.
I am embarrassed to admit, as much a lover and supporter of Arizona music as I am, I had never heard anything by the artists I am about to mention until after their deaths-all of which have occurred in the last few days. I am just going to post music and links with very little commentary. These folks were far too young to die, but at least they left behind some art to make the world more beautiful.
   Singer-songwriter Andrew Duncan Brown was found dead in a swimming pool in the house he was staying at in Roujan, France on October 13th. He tested negative for drugs and alcohol.
   If anything could be more tragic than this, on Monday, while awaiting surgery, Amy Ross aka Whiskey Girl died at a Tuscon, AZ hospital. Tuesday her husband aka Nowhere Man, decided to follow her and took his own life. You can visit their website herethe Tuscon Weekly story here,  and the story on Uproxx here.
If you or anyone you know is considering suicide, PLEASE talk to somebody IMMEDIATELY!

"Life's good, life's good...but not fair at all.." -Lou Reed

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