Saturday, October 5, 2013

FINALLY! The Entire New Sarah Borrello CD-"Exit"

I finally got my physical copy of "Exit" by Sarah Borrello.
You all have been hearing a few selected tracks from Ms. Borrello for some time-but this is her full-length debut, in it's entirety in our "Featured Artist" section on our playlist. This means that once every hour or so, you will being either one of Sarah's track, or a track from one of our other featured artists.
I want to apologize for the delay, but the download version from iTunes was 'protected' and I wasn't able to upload it to our servers.
I'll update this later, including more info and links-but for now, I am going to upload this and it will be in rotation for tomorrow or Monday.
Cheers! Enjoy, C.

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