Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween Scoundrels and Scoundrelettes! Some insane-real creepy things to look at before we post the Halloween News for Thursday night's Evil Playlist!
You can click on this astonishingly freaky pic below to see the full gallery of some of the scariest All Hallow's Eve pics from the past. Seriously, this is some creepy shit.

Creepy as Hell-Old School...

Okay, scared enough?
Starting briefly at Midnight PDT on Weds, we will be doing a Halloween musical test-run. Three hours or-so of Halloween tunes and other creepy, murderous tunes to start-off your freakiest holiday.
Then, starting at Noon on Halloween and running until about 3am PDT on Fri. November 1st we will be full-out Halloween-themed. We have staggered it to allow for those in time zones from Los Angeles, CA to Helsinki, Finland-(cuz we are worldwide, scary-pimpin') so that you can all get a good dose.
Imagine a Halloween party you don't have to spend money to attend-use it as the soundtrack for scaring the local kids who come to your door...while you get drunk.
We will be featuring classic, old-school Halloween songs as well as newer Halloween songs and some fiendishly dark tunes from everything from punk and metal bands to new Indie-creepy songs.
Expect everything from Bobby "Boris" Pickett, to Chad Van Gaalen, The Doors, and Type O-Negative.....
You can listen via desktop by going to our website and clicking the red "Liesten Live!" box above the post, or via mobile from either the Tunein app*, or the RadioLoyalty app*. If you Already listen to either Tunein or RadioLoyalty via desktop, you can just go there and search "The Drunken Scoundrel" to listen.

       (*disclaimer: 1. The connection and sound quality on these apps are really good, but if you are moving around a lot (like driving), you may encounter dropouts in connection. 2. When listening via mobile and not on a WiFi connection they use a fair amount of bandwidth (though not too much to enjoy a few hours of music on Halloween.). I personally listen to mobile broadcasts several days a week for a few hours and have never run past my bandwidth allowance.
You can click the embedded links to get the apps.
 I would also like to thank my personal curator @Lalunatikat for her musical consultation. As always she provided useful insight and out-of-left-field-creepy-ass-suggestions.*
*We, at take ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSIBILITY for any act of juvenile or adult delinquency, up to and including:!> Three-state killing sprees, taxes, auto-erotic asphyxiation, or stupidity.  2. Death by heat-attack, stroke, or fear. 3.Death that results from forbidden sex or drug use that attracts supernatural, unkillable psychos who have mommy-issues and can't get laid. 4.Death from machetes, hammers, double-pronged probes (ewww, that is just wrong), single-pronged probes (slightly less wrong). 5. Death by old, rusty, rotating farm-equipment including, but not limited to: balers,  pickers, and shredders (ouch). 6. Death by anything stupid that might be taken by an idiot as an invitation to be idiotic and referenced to anything, or anybody involved in the website...if you are scared JUST FUCKING RUN, and we don't mean to the next cabin: JUST FUCKING RUN until you are THREESTATES AWAY AND HIDE IN A CHURCH AT THE BOTTOM OF A SWIMMING POOL FULL OF HOLY WATER*!!!!
*While wearing all of the appropriate, fully-tested, certified S.C.U.B.A. gear.

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