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Dia de les Muertos: R.I.P.Lou Reed in the Words of the Person Who Knew Him Best...

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Wikipedia describes Dia de les Muertos this way:
"Day of the Dead (SpanishDía de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died."

Although I recently referenced my favorite Lou Reed song, I could never do justice to Lou Reed.
The best thing I read from the media at-large so far has been this piece from (of all places) The Economist.
That being said, we all need to step aside for his wife, Laurie Anderson, with her obituary.
Published in the East Hampton Star, it is short, beautiful, and all those things you would want a loved-one to say about you.

To our neighbors:
What a beautiful fall! Everything shimmering and golden and all that incredible soft light. Water surrounding us.
Lou and I have spent a lot of time here in the past few years, and even though we’re city people this is our spiritual home.
Last week I promised Lou to get him out of the hospital and come home to Springs. And we made it!
Lou was a tai chi master and spent his last days here being happy and dazzled by the beauty and power and softness of nature. He died on Sunday morning looking at the trees and doing the famous 21 form of tai chi with just his musician hands moving through the air.
Lou was a prince and a fighter and I know his songs of the pain and beauty in the world will fill many people with the incredible joy he felt for life. Long live the beauty that comes down and through and onto all of us.
— Laurie Anderson
his loving wife and eternal friend*

Halloween night on my way to work I saw some douchebag in a monster-truck hit a bicyclist...and run.
The fact this person was driving a monster truck didn't make them a douchebag. The fact they failed to give the legally mandated 3ft., hit someone, and then RAN does.
I saw it happen from about 100 ft. away and....I was terrified at what I thought I would encounter. I can't even conceive of how the rider wasn't killed.
I stopped ( I was the only one who did) and the rider was up and totally mobile and lucid and refused to call the cops...he hit his head and was bleeding but was completely alert. I hope he is okay.
It was an hour after sundown. The guy was all in black, on a black bike, no lights, no helmet.
I ride my bike to and from work-I have for years. (I just realized my current bike has about 10,000 miles on it with out a tuneup.) I often get home around 3-4am  or later.
Just to miss the Halloween craziness I left work Halloween Night early-probably costing myself a couple hundred badly needed bucks.
But it wasn't worth it.
In the last few months I have had had some nagging health issues-nothing major, but I have mostly ignored them.
Mostly except for my friend Kat.
She is one of the biggest contributors to what you hear and read here.
She also made me promise to go to the doctor last month....which I didn't do because of money.
I'm gonna take the money I said I was gonna use this week to see a doc and buy a bike helmet.

Earlier I referenced a post about the tragic loss of three Arizona musicians in as many days....
And as Kat reminded me last weekend, life is too short and there are too many things to do.
In the Mexican and Latino culture (as well as others) these last three days are set aside to honor the dead and appreciate their lives and loves.
Things they would do if they were still here.
Life is short and I have too many things to do-and I am still here and plan to be for a long time.
Cheers, C.

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