Thursday, December 19, 2013

Update and Year-End Favorites 2013-Pt.1:

So, last year ended with a little 'drama'.
Our birthplace-host and licensing company closed-up shop and left us searching for a new home.
The death of Loudcaster was a tragic loss not just for us, but for the worldwide Internet Radio Community.
Brandon and Tia and the rest of the gang fought the Good Fight.-As rumor has it, Brandon worked SO hard he wound up in the hospital-all for us, The Broadcasters and for you, The Listeners.
They-unlike countless other start-ups-didn't just go dark, they gave us notice and guidance, and with the help of Loudcaster's awesome (and much-missed) forum-community, many of us were able to sort it all out and keep going with only negligible down-time.
I know there have been some casualties-my personal favorite "AUFM" vanished (if you are out there, drop me a line PLEASE!!!!), but many of us have stuck around using a more diverse toolkit to keep our dream alive.
Personally, my first and primary goal when I went live for the first time was to stay up and running NO MATTER WHAT.
We did that-but it took a toll. I began this year mentally and physically exhausted. I don't mean to sound extreme here, but, for me? This station will be my legacy when I shuffle-off this mortal coil (hopefully many decades from now).
This is my kid.
A kid I am training to revive the love of music blasting over the airwaves-music you might have forgotten about or never get to hear.
A kid with a fucking mission.
The stress of our first iteration dying, the new one beginning, and all of the things I had to learn and do to meet a 'simple' goal of continuity was much more than I ever imagined.
It got done and it damn near ate a hole in my stomach but it also gave me some perspective. The other thing it gave me was an opportunity to look into my past via a total stranger.
Early this year, I met a really  cool, nice guy who plays with the Michael Mercury Band here in LA. When I ran the events of 2012 past him and explained my stress he very politely read me a riot-act.
Even though he is much younger than me he pointed-out that I had achieved my goal of continuity but making leaps and bounds in other departments were causing immense stress. This is something I should have remembered from my band-day of yore. He simply pointed out that I should just lay back and enjoy the parts that I love, wait a bit, and work in a way I enjoyed. Stop stressing.
So, much of this year has been that. Part resting on laurels, part just making sure I played music instead of 'working on the station'.
That has been echoed by my Personal Curator, Kat.
This year has been me working-out ways to make things work and less about working just on content...although  I am DAMNED PROUD of our Halloween playlist and creepy music year will be even better.
The end result has been a better station for all of us (as the listening-numbers show) and the fact that I actually sleep better at night and have gotten to concentrate on some really cool shit....
The stress of late last year and this year have taken a toll-I was sick off and on from July until about two weeks ago (lesson learned).
The upshot is that, while we may not have pumped as much new content into the station this year, we have upped the quality-level and marked a path for even more awesomeness....
But that is for the upcoming parts of this year-end revue.
Stay-tuned for our favorites songs/artists of the year, and a rundown of some awesome shows!
Thanks to ALL of you-I'd do this alone in a bunker just to amuse myself, but the fact that I get to share it around the world every day makes it so much better....sharing music is sharing love and passion.
Cheers! Love you ALL!

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