Thursday, January 9, 2014

Year-End Favorites Pt. 2: Sarah Borrello, Cayucas, Okkervil River, and a Whole Lot More-Plus a Little Reminder of FYF's Best

I was gonna do three post for year-end, but I got all busy with the Holidays ( and sick ) and so it is all gonna be jammed into two posts....and this one has carried far too far into the new year so I am just gonna get it done and put it out there.

   So, hands down, my favorite thing for us here this year was the much anticipated arrival of Sarah Borrello's full-length "Exit". I chipped-in a couple of bucks on her Kickstarter because I see enormous potential in her and she is the epitome of what I started this station for: Bringing you things you might not get a chance to hear otherwise and giving you a chance to watch something grow and become amazing.
Here's a taste:

When I ad new songs and artists I don't  just look for a great tune, I try to find the songs that were either the influences that built today's music or the precursors and the influences of tomorrow.
An example of a song that, to me, is both a nod to the past and a song ahead of it's time is Sabina Sciubba's "Toujours". I can hear elements of most of the last century of music in this tune scrambled together to create a welcome to the 21st Century.....

The next selection is Okkervil River's "Silver Gymnasium". This is far from their first release, but this is the one that will cement Okkervil River into the realm of bands that will be triggers for young musicians to say, "I want to do THAT!". It will be an album they listen to over and over as they begin a life of banging out tunes in garages and small sweaty clubs, and take to highways in beat-up vans. 10 years from now it will come up when they are interviewed and asked, "What made you want to start a band?". This is a legacy recording.
This is the first song I heard from the album and immediately sucked me in. It is catchy and melodic but also very strong and passionate. Lou Reed was a fan.

My favorite Pop song of the year was "High School Lover" by Cayucas. This turned out to be a summer favorite of many people and will undoubtedly be popping up in playlists, compilations, and movie sountracks for a very long time. It is everything a piece of Musical Pop Art is supposed to be-and I love some of the slightly off-beat phrasing. The lyrics come across as almost spoken in their fluidity. Just a great, fun song.

This last favorite is a reminder of the best bit of fun I had last summer....
L.A. has an awesome music festival every year named FYF. Technically, FYF is a 'best-of' Indie Music festival, but, where this grouping of acts elsewhere might draw choking hoards from all over, FYF is very L.A. and very local. While L.A. State Historic Park is way too dusty at times, it is perfectly built to host a multi-stage, multi-tent event. There were several bands that really impressed the hell out of me and some of my friends- I won't go into crazy detail about it but you can get a better idea from my post about it here.

I am eagerly awaiting this year's FYF and looking forward to being able to take a more active role in programming in the coming year. Last year saw me dealing with the long-term effects of an old cycling accident, several months of on-again, off-again illness (nothing major, just annoying), and shoring-up my skills in regards to all of the new tech I had to learn for the station. In the interim, Kat was the one doing a lot of the music recommendations-which is easy for her because she has great taste in music, and Fuckethecat was doing a lot of the technical work-which is difficult for her because she is a cat and has thumbless, ungainly, fur-covered paws. I think it worked out pretty well. Halloween was looking a bit iffy, but as soon as we realized Fucker would be out on bail (three words: Devil's Night, arson) in time to run the studio things progressed nicely. Our Halloween show will be a future staple-feel free to make song requests for next year at any time. We also are taking recommendations for any other show ideas and new music for the coming year.
We truly appreciate the continued fandom, listenership, and support. December wound-up being our second highest month in Total Listening Hours ever so, from Me, @Fuckerthecat, and Kat, THANK YOU! Have a great new year and please share with your friends!

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