Thursday, February 20, 2014

We Can't Wait: New Little Dragon - "Klapp Klapp"

Little Dragon a band I fell in love with immediately and like more and more every time I hear them. They are one of the bands that somehow manages to be accessible, artistic, and forward (among other things) all at the same time. Much like The Silos and R.E.M., Little Dragon is one of those bands that I have to be careful not to inundate the station with. It's kind of like living next door the best pizza joint in the world if the pizza would never made you fat. Too much of a good thing can still spoil you.

Part of me wonders why Little Dragon aren't huge rock stars-they can draw fans to shows from hundreds of miles away, but I am not surprised terrestrial radio might shy away: The awesomeness that is Little Dragon would make listeners realize just how much crap is being shoved in their ears.
I could go on and on about this band but I will stop and let you listen.
The full-length is due out May 12/13.
Enjoy! Cheers, C.
P.S. This song gets better every time you listen to it.

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