Saturday, February 8, 2014

What's Next?....Restorations

...From this NPR article from 2011 "The Sad, Beautiful Fact We are Going to Miss Almost Everything" we can take away one of two things:
1.) That is fucking depressing, there is so much cool, amazing shit I'll never see, read, or hear...
2.) That is fucking amazing! I'll never have to alone and bored with just my own thoughts ever again!
(Granted, not being alone and bored with your own thoughts often enough can cause you to stagnate as a person, but hopefully we are smart enough to understand that. Riiight?)
I was recently thinking about what is next. Partially it was 'new' music for yous guys to listen to-I want to make sure I balance new tunes with older ones.
I don't want this station to just be a rehash of 20 year-old songs.
The other part of what is next is musical evolution.
Not just ground-breaking, completely off the wall original, but the next step. Then this article in Noisey popped up in my Facebook feed and I discovered Restorations.
Much in the same way I was thinking the same about the Ska/Punk genre 5 minutes before I discovered Big D and the Kids Table and Sonic Boom Six playing back to back on the radio, Restorations fell into my lap right when I woke up this morning.
They make me want to be in a band again.
You will find the song "Kind of Comfort" on the station as of now, and you can listen to (and BUY) the whole album below this post.
Enjoy! Cheers, C.

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