Friday, April 18, 2014

Sarah Borrello's New England Music Awards Performance

Like the title says.....
She is one of our favorites here.
Watching her grow is going to be a treat and we will be right there.
One of the best things about being a music fan is finding someone new and tracking them as they flourish.
The thing I really noticed about this performance was how much better it captured her live than many of the other YouTube videos of the past. I am sure some of it was the energy of the night and the event, but it also has to do with the fact that she can fill a room with her sound. She may have already outgrown small clubs.
The other thing I noticed was that in this performance, the larger venue points-up the bluesiness of her sound.
Previous videos and even her CD capture some of this but it has become apparent to me that a bigger room allows that big voice to fill a room and in doing so exposes more of her subtleties and dynamic range.
In the past when asking for fan opinions ( I have mentioned this before ) on "rough" tracks and demos she has denied me permission to download and play them.
I will always  respect an artist when they say that, but I love her when she is raw. It works for her.
It also works for her when she plays restrained.
That is because this woman just has it. I will follow her if she becomes a huge Rockstar or if she tours in a van for 30 years playing for beer-money just for the love of it.
Here's the link to her performance at the New England Music Awards.....
Cheers, C.

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