Thursday, May 15, 2014

Quick Update: News from Sarah Borrello and New Little Dragon

Sorry, it's been a couple weeks, just busy!
I'll post details on this a later because I am still working out the kinks, but you can now find us on iTunes Radio!!!! Thanks for all the new listeners from all corners of the will be having more company soon!

So, this popped-up in the FB feed the other day: Sarah Borrello has a campaign and a rough-mix of a re-worked tune you can click-through to here. The details of the collaboration are on the page...short version is this guy is impressive. This should be a good match. If you like her donate a few bucks. It always feels good when the final product is out and you know you had a hand (no matter how small) in making it happen.

"Nabuma Rubberband" the latest from one of our favorites, Little Dragon is currently being uploaded to the "Featured Artist" queue where it will join recent additions like Los Lobos and Joy Division.
If you haven't already heard any tracks from LD's latest, here is a taste...
Cheers, C.

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