Monday, July 28, 2014

Raw Nerve and Nostalgia.

I don't normally suffer from fits of nostalgia.
Part of it is something I got from learning about Miles Davis always moving forward, part of it is Clint Eastwood quoting his father as saying " either progress or you decay", and part of it is that living in the past is often depressing and haunting.
Often but not always.
Sometimes nostalgia is the mind comforting the soul.
Tonight a (very) raw nerve was touched by a couple of songs, songs which led to other songs and memories.. Not bad memories or specific memories, just memories of time and place and music that was of and about that time and place. Listening to the radio in still places and certain types of magic seeped out. Magic in music that may very well have been based in some form of nostalgia manifested in the vernacular of the then current time and place.
Sometimes haunting isn't all bad either.
Maybe sometimes ghosts come to you at a bad time to set things straight in your head and heart.
In this case, these tunes came the best way forgotten songs do-unexpectedly.
Turn on the radio at the right time and and a narcotic wave breaks and settles peacefully like when trying to meditate becomes stillness.
DJ Raul Campos from KCRW for the win tonight.

I just uploaded these to the sation-another song that came to mind as well, Indio's "Big Hard Sun" is not currently available on any of the legal download services  I use...As good as Eddie Vedder's version is, nothing can top the is of that vernacular of great music creeping out via a bad AM signal through shitty speakers and defining a time and place.....

Cheers! C.

P.S. Kat, we miss you.

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