Thursday, August 14, 2014

Trying to Knuckle-Down Again: A Whole Slew of New(ish) Ads.....

In the last month or so I have dumped a bunch of new tracks onto the server.
I used to do regular updates and have been failing in that regard as lately most of my time has been taken up by the business-end of things.
And getting drunk and feeling sorry for myself.
The licensing and royalties have to be paid, the vendors need to be paid, and the DJ Bots are ALWAYS hungry...and despite my love for them, they eat mostly cash.
I'm cool with that, but as "we" have grown past the simple days of Loudcaster (R.I.P.) I have to spread my energy evenly to make sure everything is always up-and-running.
Tonight's post is going to be a little more back to the old-days.
I am going to drop as many videos of the new tunes in here as I you can roll around in them like a happy dog and give your friends a reference point as to what we are up to when we claim to stream the best shit, 24/7, anywhere in this part of the galaxy-available any time to anyone with a computer or a smartphone.
After the videos I'll put in a list of tracks I missed.
Stand back, I don't know how long this thing will get:

..We uploaded the whole Courtney Barnett EP into the "Featured Artist" queue-but I gotta tell you-I don;t normally post these "whole album" YouTube links because I think they are theft-but if you even like her a little I want to get you hooked. This young woman has SO much potential....I tried to post the video of her on Fallon but the embed has been disabled....
I am not talking trash about other bands, but many Indie bands don't sound that good when they go on talk shows but she sounded BETTER on Fallon than the record.
Go to YouTube and watch her playing "Avant Gardener". That band is so tight that they are relaxed-a tough thing for 'young' bands....if I haven't said it before: The Aussies know something about Rock ad Roll the rest of us don't and it is most obvious in the drums and bass.

So, the other full albums we have dropped into the rotation are (in no particular order):

Tom Petty-Full Moon Fever

The Fall- Totally Wired: Rough Trade Anthology

The Damned-Strawberries

And we have added a few other sundries I can't even keep track of.

....sorry for the delays between posts....trying to settle into a new rhythm now that Kat is no-longer on-board has been tough.
To be perfectly honest, I've been drinking a lot and trying to avoid working on the station.
So much about her is part of the station and therefor part of me.
When I said it was like someone died that is true and I have been going through the 'official' grieving process.
This is my kid and she has helped nurture it and now I am on my own.
I can't overstate her influence on everything you hear and see but I am taking what I learned from her thought process and trying to use it.

With Kat's departure I have been limping along in many ways.
This part, the writing, the new music, it just reminds me of her constantly  and what my future will be lacking...
Once again, for those of you who have been here from the drop and those who are new, I take this seriously.
I do this because I love music, I may do it because I hate the fact that the Public Airwaves are now largely dominated by douchebags, but this is as much for you as it is for me and the music.
I pay all the bills out of my own pocket whether or not I make money because I want to share what is Humanity's greatest gift to the Universe-it's art.
Art is the seemingly superfluous by-product of the soul of Humanity-this is what we leave behind.
For our future historians, our kids and grand kids...maybe even alien archaeologists.
The vast majority of artists toil in their free-time for nothing.
Most creatives never 'work' in their chosen field of endeavour.
Most of them and their work will be lost forever without anyone ever having enjoyed them to the degree it and the artists deserved.
Most of them (probably) don't really care-they would have done it anyway.
But part of being human is sharing.
For us (now mostly just me) this has become a collection of sonic cave-paintings and an ethos I hope will travel past my own mortality.
I had hoped that Kat would make that full journey with me as a valued friend, advisor, and confidant, but that now seems far past unlikely.
What you see above is a collection of how I am making an effort to see beyond just my ideas and try to incorporate the ghost of one Kathleen Sharbit Nibbler into the Twilight Zone of my love for music.
Yes in one sense, this is a business, but above all it is about love and about you as well.
Cheers! C.

Kat, we miss you and we always will.

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