Sunday, September 21, 2014

Quick Post: Norah Jones - "After the Fall" is an Example of a Perfect Song...

In this post almost two years-ago I gushed about this song.
Interestingly enough, today, I was in almost the same place, at almost the same time, on yet another Saturday when it came on (this time) my station.
My opinion still stands.
This song is just perfect.
I'm not saying  it is the best song ever, I am just saying that if you were teaching a class on how to write, arrange, produce, record, and perform a song you could use this as an example.
I described it as being hit by a velvet truck.
I stand by those words.
To prove it is a great song, here is the studio version and a very raw version from Letterman.
Where the studio version shows the beauty of the arrangement to compliment Jones' voice and the lyrics, the live version showcases not only Jones' voice, but the soul that went into the lyrics.
Watch her face as she sings.
This song just guts me every time I hear it.
Cheers! Enjoy!

Kat, we still miss you every day and we alway will.

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