Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween Scoundrels and Scoundrellettes!! Thanks for a Great Weekend!..And the best Animal Costume....

At midnight PST we reverted back to our regular programming after a very enjoyable and successful Halloween Weekend.
By listening hours, we had our second best single day, and our best weekend yet.
Thanks for the love and support!
Just like in Halloweentown, we are already planning for the next one. We welcome support and suggestions for next year. I would especially like to ask for suggestions regarding music to honor Dia de los Muertes for next year. Drop us an email or tweet if any ideas come to mind.
I stayed in on Friday to keep an eye on things to avoid last year's tech glitches, but I was able to enjoy some of my neighbors' fun and a few beers.
As the station grows, so do our plans and we ar hoping to make things even better and more fun in the years to come.
Cheers, C.

p.s. always, we miss you,  Kat.

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