Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year!!! Our Year-End Favorites for 2014.

Usually this is a multi-part affair but this year has been crazy and you are getting the abridged version:
So, a very mixed bag this year.
The best of news and the worst of news and some killer tunes.
While we tragically saw the departure of Kat, arguably the most valuable member of the crew, we also had some tremendous good news-our listening hours have increased by orders of magnitude.
We have iTunes Radio for most of that success. When they accepted us into their listings the result was immediate.
And overwhelmingly flattering.
Thanks to all of you for your support.
Watching our best ever week and second best day pop-up in the stats for our Halloween special was a true honor.
Knowing that you wanted to take us along for your Halloween antics and shenanigans is exactly what we strive for.
And now for the killer tunes:
Dominated by females this year...starting with Dum Dum Girls.
This track is probably my favorite from their January release. A band that is maturing very well and getting a bigger sound all the time.
I'm interested to see what direction Dee Dee takes the band in the future.

Moving on to St. Vincent-I was only passingly familiar with her until I happened to hear this tune late one night when it first came out and I flipped for it. It  instantly painted a bizarre  and complete picture in my head right from the drop. For my money, the best track on the rekkid, but it has some stiff competition.

Two from our next fave for this year.
Technically these aren't all new releases on Courtney Barnett's double EP "A Seas of Split Peas" but they are new to this side of the pacific. This first track is the first I heard of her- "History Eraser" followed by the more well known "Avant Gardener" live on Fallon.
I like this live version even better, it is slightly more energetic and you can see the band just loving the Hell out of playing this song live.
She is another artist that grabbed me right out of the gate and leaves me itching to see her future development. It's hard to imagine such deadpan delivery being so damn appealing but she turns phrases with Python-esque skill.
Who else could write a great tune about an asthma attack?
She also demonstrates some other writing and singing styles on the EP. She is just...well,.. just check it out.
It will make you cooler.

(This is just a link to the Fallon page-embedding was disabled...)

Okay, next is a band that the most concise thing I can say about is: I haven't loved a band this way since I was in high school.
The voice, the minimalist arrangements...so much style and substance.
I'd fly halfway across the world to see them live-and I may have to because I keep missing them here.
Little Dragon dropped Namuba Rubberband earlier this year and my favorite track from it is "Paris".
It showcases all that is great about these guys.
That voice.

The next is the most recent release from Phoenix's The Love me Nots. Their latest release is available on iTunes. And it is being uploaded to the station as I write this.
The lead track, "Don't Let Him" is as good as anything that is getting "mainstream" airplay.
As of right now there is no video but you can listen here if you have Spotify or just go to www.thelovemenots.com click on the "music" tab and buy the whole damn album.
It is worth it if you love great Rock and Roll.

While I said earlier this year's list was dominated by females, my track of the year is a group of guys from L.A. named Wand.
This song had me saying, "Fuck Yeah!!" in about five seconds and it has held the strongest sustained reaction I've had from any song this year, so it tops my list.....

This is just everything about a song I dig.

Thanks again for all the devotion this year.
Bigger and better things are coming thanks to you Scoundrels and Scoundrelettes!
Keep the good vibes coming, and as always...

p.s. Yes, Kat we still miss you like crazy.

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