Sunday, September 21, 2014

Quick Post: Norah Jones - "After the Fall" is an Example of a Perfect Song...

In this post almost two years-ago I gushed about this song.
Interestingly enough, today, I was in almost the same place, at almost the same time, on yet another Saturday when it came on (this time) my station.
My opinion still stands.
This song is just perfect.
I'm not saying  it is the best song ever, I am just saying that if you were teaching a class on how to write, arrange, produce, record, and perform a song you could use this as an example.
I described it as being hit by a velvet truck.
I stand by those words.
To prove it is a great song, here is the studio version and a very raw version from Letterman.
Where the studio version shows the beauty of the arrangement to compliment Jones' voice and the lyrics, the live version showcases not only Jones' voice, but the soul that went into the lyrics.
Watch her face as she sings.
This song just guts me every time I hear it.
Cheers! Enjoy!

Kat, we still miss you every day and we alway will.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Silos- "When the Telephone Rings" -To me (and this is just my two cents) this is the only song about that day I have heard that matters.

To me (and this is just my two cents) this is the only song about that day I have heard that matters.

The Silos- "When the Telephone Rings".

For those of you in PHX this amazing and completely underrated gem of an American songwriter will be performing tonight at the Rhythm Room show starts at 8 pm.

Hope to have things on a more even keel soon and back to doing regular updates and keeping up with the new-ads.
Just been tough without Kat.
Thanks for indulging me and for listening!
Cheers. C.

We miss you Kat.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

There's a "Magic Age" When You Find Your Musical Taste, According to Science - Mic

Okay, Just read this and had to share.
When I was a teenager I did a summer job where one of the other "interns" was a college student in his early twenties.
Most of us there-including the full-on "grown-ups" had a couple of things in common: we all  loved music to a fault and we all thought this guy was completely full of shit.
He was a very nice person, don't get me wrong.
He was a good co-worker but he just seemed like he was full of bullshit stories.

And he may have been, but one day while we were talking about music and he was telling a story we all thought was bullshit, there was an exchange between him and someone else...I don't recall the details, but it was about a band or a song.
The context was him and another person talking about a band or a song that they both liked- but the other person mentioned that someone he was close to hated it..that is where a piece of genius was put into my mind about music and art.
This guy we all thought was full of shit smiled and laughed and said (and this is a rough-quote but you'll get the gist:)  "...the thing about music and musical taste, is that when you insult some one's musical taste, you insult them on a level that is more personal than just about anything else."
What he meant was, it (musical taste)  is one of the very first things we develop on our on as we become who we are.
Fucking brilliant-and that was like in ....1986?

Back then I still had the old WTOS in Maine-what as basically a "College-Rock" station but with a 50,000 Watt transmitter on one of the highest peaks in the state-on clear night's they got requests from Jersey.
During my formative years between that, public radio, my friends I heard just about everything.
That explains my taste now....and another reason  I do what I do:
If my Brain was trained during those formative years to hear it all ...and I refuse to grow up maybe subconsciously I am trying to wake up your "Young Brain".
We program music from all times and genres just because of this.
If it was great, it is still great, maybe it isn't considered great yet but will be.
Death Grips to Billie Holiday.
If your mind was open back then it will still be so now (with a reminder or two). If you realize you missed a bit in your formative years and want to expand your mind? We can do that to.*
This article proves why we are here.
Click the link for the full article.

There's a "Magic Age" When You Find Your Musical Taste, According to Science - Mic: ""Fourteen is a sort of magic age for the development of musical tastes," Daniel J. Levitin, a professor of psychology and the director of the Laboratory for Music Perception, Cognition and Expertise at McGill University, told the New York Times. "Pubertal growth hormones make everything we're experiencing, including music, seem very important. We're just reaching a point in our cognitive development when we're developing our own tastes. And musical tastes become a badge of identity.""

Cheers! C.

Kat, we still miss you and we will every day.
*This claim is not backed-up by any science, just my own ego.
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